New Delhi India: After two days casual deliberations in New Delhi, the Akali Dal leader expressed complete satisfaction with the results. The talks were confined 10 the two leaders only. No other Sikh leader directly participated in the two day talks with Prime Minister to solve the ticklish problem that had not only defied solution for the last three years but had also resulted in unprecedented blood Shed in which thousands of innocent Sikhs were mercilessly butchered by the Indian army, Central Reserve Police Force and rampaging Communal mobs.

The agreement is silent about the fate of nearly 15,000 Sikhs who are languishing in jails and nothing has been said about the controversial question of State autonomy as envisaged in the Anadpur Sahib resolution. In fact Rajiv Gandhi has not conceded anything beyond what his mother had offered to the Akalis. The transfer of 116 cotton and citrus rich villages to Haryana means making Haryana a riparian state and thus giving it a legal right ‘over Punjab River waters. Haryana has no legal rights over these waters as per National and International laws. Besides the gross yearly income of these areas is more than the total value of Chandigarh.

Baba Joginder Singh convener united Akali Dal rejected the award and described it as a sell out

All India Sikh students’ federation condemned it as a fraud on Sikhs. Gen. Bhullar called it a patchwork having no sanction of Sikh masses.

He also extended full support of WSO to Baba Joginder Singhs

Article extracted from this publication >> July 22, 1988