ROCKVILLE, Maryland: On Sunday, July 23, 1988, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation will be serving food to the approximately 1200 homeless people of Washington, D.C. This is in addition to the monthly food service provided by us to S060 sick people in the homeless clinic,

In the past, we have had tremendous support and cooperation for this activity from the entire Sikh community, not only in Washington area, but also from Sikhs living in other parts of the U.S. We look forward to the same kind of encouraging response.

As we all know “SEWA” is one of the highest principle taught by our Gurus, thus by putting these values and ideals into practice, we enrich our lives as individuals as well as the community.

For your participation in or contribution towards this project you may call: Bibi Bhupinder Kaur Saini (703) 7341760; Bibi Amrit Kaur (703) 3782397; Sardar Ranjit Singh (703) 6598179; Bibi Tejinder Kaur Gabri (301) 5726786; Bibi Jagdish Kaur Dhingra (301) 4241005; and Sardar Jaspal Singh Vohra (301) 4340061.

Article extracted from this publication >> July 22, 1988