Bamala More Loyal To Haryana Assures Completion of SYL By 1986

The New Akali Govt led by Surjit Singh Barnala in Punjab will complete the construction work of Sutlej Jamuna Link Canal by the end of next year. Assurance to this effect was given to The Indian Govt by Akali Govt 2 days back.

The Indian Govt assured uninterrupted flow of funds for the construction of this canal which will carry water to Haryana. Interestingly 3 years back during the Congress rule in Punjab A kali Dal launched a morcha to stop the construction work on the canal and thousands of Akali workers gave arrests in the morcha. According to Akali’s closest circles Mr. Barnala has also assured Indian Govt that certain senior officers of the central Govt working in Punjab will not be shifted or disturbed. According 10 Punjab Raj Bhawan circles, Akali Govt has also assured that no important decision concerning the State law order will be taken without consulting the Union Home Ministry.

Article extracted from this publication >> October 14, 1988