Let us make it a society without opposition, by producing the mystification of the masses, a paralysis of criticism.

Then the causes of turmoil will remain unidentified, unexposed, unattached by people, And the dynastic rule will continue.


+                                              +                                  +

Let the elites, the “Doon School Boys” rule. “Peacefully” producing the means of destruction, ‘‘12,000” lives in 8 years at the altar of Fundamentalisms, Perpetuate the danger for the common man and docility will come through fear, Mass Media will sell “particular” interests,

Needs and aspirations. After all we are all “‘sensible’ men and dynastic rule will continue!

+                                              +                                  +

Political needs will eventually become individual needs, they will demand repression to produce order which we will readily provide, And the dynastic rule will continue.

+                                              +                                  +

We will bring docility in social forces through technology and terrorism. The universe of facts will be provided by the computers. The integration of opposites will be indulged in, By not allowing the elaboration of the alternatives by imprisoning the “agents” who want to bring historic transformations.

The historic transformations as suggested by the Father of the nation, because the dynastic rule has to continue.

+                                              +                                  +

Nonconformity with our system will eventually become socially useless, By mobilizing, organizing and exploiting we will replace man with a machine False needs will be superimposed on these needs.

This will make the masses aggressive, unjust and alienated, “Rationality” of our actions will cloud the irrationality of their origin, they will be labeled “terrorists” because of their refusal “to go along” with us, and the dynastic rule will continue.

Alienated individuals with realities imposed upon them,

Will become the cornerstones of authoritarianism, “False consciousness” of their rationalities will become their true conscious ness,

We will make it immune against its falsehood through media. The debunking of the minds of the masses will be complete, and the dynastic rule will continue.

We will purify the Ganges to arouse the Aryan “collective, unconscious.”

We will bring them harmless negation as a part of societal health diet.

This will further strengthen the status quo, and the dynastic rule will continue.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 2, 1985