The unexpected agreement announced by Government of India and apparently signed by you and your associates fail to encompass the problems by the Sikhs.

Sant Ji you forgot about the sacrifices of our beloved and innocent brothers, sisters and children who were brutally murdered by Government of India during June and November 1984. You and your associates may have political aspirations but the Sikhs abroad have religious interest in our land. You have deprived us of our religious aspirations and commitments as to visiting the Golden Temple which is an integral part of our daily prayer. We need to remind you that the government of India has never in the past lived up to their commitments and why should they do it now. They have certainly succeeded in dividing, demolishing and demising the Sikhs and you have become a party to that. The W.S.O. is very concerned about the future of Sikhs.


With deep concern

Gian Singh Sandhu

President W.S.O. Canada

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 2, 1985