KARACHI, Feb. 7, Reuter: At least 10 people were wounded by shotgun pellets when Pakistani police fired on demonstrators during a day of protests in a Karachi suburb, police said.

A bus driver was repeatedly stabbed and his vehicle was set on fire and a policeman beaten unconscious by the crowd in the volatile Liaquatabad district yesterday, they said.

Witnesses said the demonstration was a protest at alleged looting and mistreatment of women by police during earlier riots in Karachi. More than 300 people have been killed in intercommoned clashes in the city over the past few months.

Yesterday’s trouble began after the Moslem population finished their Friday prayers. The protestors hurled stones at police, passing cars and fire engines.

Police replied with tear gas and shotgun volleys and arrested at least 20 people, the witnesses said. The clashes continued until late last night.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 13, 1987