ISLAMABAD, Feb. 7, Reuter: Bombs in a restaurant and a hotel killed one man and injured 27 people in the West Pakistan city of Quetta, a local Official said today.

Deputy Commissioner Anwar Singh Ahmed said police were interrogating several people suspected of involvement in yesterday’s attacks.

The dead man was from the Pakistani administered part of the disputed state of Kashmir. The injured were suffering from bums and cuts from flying glass and debris.

Ahmed declined to speculate about who might be behind the bombins, the latest of a series in and around the capital of Baluchistan province.

Mines planted on a railway line between Quetta and Chaman, on the border with Afghanistan, were found yesterday shortly before a passenger train was due. It was the second high incident in recent weeks.

A bomb damaged a gas pipeline recently.

Quetta is an important base for the Afghan Moslem rebels battling to overthrow the Soviet backed government in Kabul, as well as a major drug smuggling center.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 13, 1987