Sikh Ethnic Values Association P.O. Box 5905, Palo Alto, CA 94305, USA Phone (415) 322SEVA or (415) 3227382

We urge you to join us in Panthic seva: Sponsor a Sikh school student for only $30/month, or a college student for $60/month.

We match supporter and child. You help with your DIRECT COMMUNICATION and MONEY TRANSFER to NEEDY CHILD. Contact local Gurdwaras/SEVA. Send SEVA taxed donations to mail procedure, lists of DESTITUTE FAMILIES (sent by SGPC) to Gurdwaras/Sikhs around THE WORLD.

For more information about Matrimonials, helping a family, a child, or even for adoption, please contact Bhupinder Kaur Bhatti, (415) 3227382, or Surinder Kaur Saron, (902) 8735811.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 20, 1985