Houston: February 16 — Harbhajan Singh Yogi showered lavish encomiums upon Zail Singh for “ably” serving the cause of Sikh religion. ‘Some may not approve of his actions at this stage but his services will be recognized in the long run and he will be remembered by the posterity as a true Sikh,” he asserted.

Harbhajan Yogi was speaking on the occasion of the Bhog ceremony of his father. He also eulogized the services of his father for Sikhism. “‘It was my father who first introduced Americans to the essential philosophy of Sikhism,” he said.

Yogi is known to be a close friend of Zail Singh and is reported to have advised him against resigning when Sikhs the world over were pressing him to resign as a protest against the army attack on the Golden Temple.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 22, 1985