FRESNO: The owner of a Calwa convenience store said he was fighting for his life in a struggle with three young men after they allegedly tried to steal three cases of beer from the store.

Ajit Gill 42 owner of the store said the fight ended when a 38caliber pistol he had pulled out of his pants pocket discharged hitting one of the suspects in the arm.

“I was scared” said Gill who was uninjured but left visibly shaken by the incident

“I kept thinking they had a gun or something and would kill me”.

Gill said he and his daughter Kanwar Garcha 25 were inside the Handi Stop Mini Martat 4415

E Jensen Ave. when three men entered the store about 1:45 p.m. He said he watched as each of the three men picked up a case of beer and walked toward the front “I thought they were going to the counter” said Gill “but then I see one of the guys go out and! Follow him. I come out and yell at him to stop it. He drops the beer and then they all attacked me.”

Gill said the three were trying to knock him down when he pulled out his gun and the gun discharged hitting one of them.

Gill said he yelled for help and that while his daughter telephoned the police several witnesses ran up to the store and helped him push the men back into the store until police arrived.

Police officer Rick Young said the suspect who was shot and wounded in the left forearm was taken to Valley Medical Center.

He said the suspect’s identity was not immediately determined.

One of the others arrested at the store was identified as Jody Jones 20 of Fresno. The identity of the third man was not immediately determined.

Police Sgt. Gary Snow said a fourth suspect John Vartanian 18 of Fresno who allegedly had been wailing outside the store in a Car was arrested minutes later about a block west of the store.

Snow said all four were arrested On suspicion of burglary.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1991