Afghan freedom fighters (Mujahadins) have finally won their war of freedom. India is now trying to intervene under the garb of a peace keeping force. Afghans should remember that India was among the first few countries to recognize Soviet backed government in Afghanistan and as a puppet of Russia it has all along been opposing the Mujahadins. They should also remember that Hindus hate Muslims and to destroy Islam they would like all Muslim countries to come under the totalitarian regime of Communist Russia.


India is anxious to station its army in Afghanistan to replace the Soviet army on the pretext of a peace keeping force. Indian army is already in Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Khalistan, and Gurkhaland under similar excuses and is thus economically bleeding those countries.

After stationing its troops in Afghanistan, it would create instability in Pakistan as it would have its troops on eastern and western borders of Pakistan and would be in a position to strangle her any time it wants.

India will send Sikh and Gurkha troops to Afghanistan to create hatred for Sikhs and Gurkhas in the hearts of the Muslims. This trick was successfully played in Sri Lanka.


  1. Sikhs should expose India’s sinister game to the free world both collectively and individually.
  2. Sikh organizations both in Khalistan and Abroad should oppose Indian intervention in Afghanistan so that people of Afghanistan should enjoy peace and freedom.
  3. Panthic Committee should issue a statement from the Akal Takht to expose India’s vicious designs.
  4. Afghani Mujahadins should themselves determine their destiny and be vigilant of India’s connivance with Russia. They must keep in mind India’s dirty role all through their struggle for freedom.
  5. Pakistan should also not give in to India’s pressure and blackmail. She must ensure the establishment of a government acceptable to Mujahadins before signing any agreement.
  6. Free world, particularly U.S.A., need to stand with the winners (Mujahadins). Let them not lose at the negotiating table what they have won in the battle field.


Amrit Kaur and Jagjit Singh

Tracy, California.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 4, 1988