I am a free man. My fatherland is a free country. And I hope to live in a free world. In my country, I have been President of the Republic, Vice-president of the Republic, President of the National Congress, Minister of National Defense, amongst other dignitary posts. Many years ago I founded the Revolutionary National Party. At this present moment I am its National Director. I know the Sikhs’ History. I know their past, I know of their successes and defeats. Defeats that turned into victories thanks to the faith that they profess, to the iron will that they have and to the courage that they have shown on a thousand occasions.

A delegation of the Khalistan Council came to Ecuador in June 1985. They met with Government Officials, i.e. The Minister of Government and the Minister of Agriculture. The problems of the Sikh Nation were the themes of discussion.

On the invitation of the Khalistan Council I came to London with the intention of developing further relationships with the Sikhs. We have exchanged our viewpoints and have come to a mutual understanding. I am sure that the Sikhs will be welcome to my country. I think that Ecuador needs people like the Sikhs, who are hardworking and have strong morals.

As to the settlement signed in these days between the Prime Minister of India and a leader of the Akale Dal Party, I prefer to let the President of Khalistan make his own statement. Of course, I have my own personal opinion about this agreement. Whatever the case may be, I back the position of the leaders of Khalistan.

In London, I found out that the President of Ecuador had sent a telegram to the President of the Republic of Khalistan. Of course, I believe that you were aware of this telegram and its contents well before I was.


Our mutual will continue.

Dr. Carlos Julio Arosemena

London. 31st July. 1985

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 16, 1985