NEW YORK, New York: Network for Intergroup harmony held a program to bring together Blacks, Whites and other ethnic groups in New York, and Flushing areas. Julia Harrison, the councilwoman of flushing along with American, Chinese, and Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Blacks and other white groups participated enthusiastically. The theme was “We Are the World” Bonnie Huie and Rabi James R. Michael introduced the guests and Dr. Kuldip Sachdeva was the announcer for various groups. The Sikh contingent consisted of Bhanera (New Jersev Bridgewater Gurdwara) S. Ajit Singh Chima and S, Johal were the leaders of this group. About 200 Sikhs filled the hall along with 800 others ethnic representatives. The Sikhs were invited to repeat the performance in other parts of New York. W.S.O. actively participated to strengthen intergroup harmony. The meet was arranged as an aftermath to the beach incident in which Blacks were haunted by Whites resulting in the death of one Black. The Council woman congratulated Sikhs on their participation.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 3, 1987