WASHINGTON, D.C.: On Sunday, January 17, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Representing the Sikh Community of Washington metropolitan area, Participated in an interfaith service commemorating Dr. Martin Luthar King Jr.’s birth anniversary at the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church. The service organized’ by the Interfaith Conference of Washington, D.C. was attended by more than 1200 people, representives of Protestant, Raman Catholic, Mormon, Islamic, Jewish, and Sikh faiths embodying the dream of Dr. King that “Jews and Gentiles, black, and white would work together.

This year the sermon was preached by Dr. H. Beccher Hicks, pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church, who spoke in the now familiar tradition of Rev. King. ‘The main feature of the event was an interfaith and interracial combined choir directed by Dr. J. Weldon Norris of Howard University singing the “Great Day” in which eight members of the Sikh Community, wearing saffron turbans and white “Kurta pajama” sang in the Western tradition.

Rajwant Singh, Assistant Secretary of Guru Gobind Singh Foundation said that “equality and brotherhood which Dr. King preached are fundamental to Sikh religion so it was a tune for the Sikh community to demonstrate that we truly believe in this great ideal”.

Ajit Singh, president of the Foundation said that “it is important for us as followers of Guru Nanak, who fought against discrimination of human beings because of social, economic and religious differences and condemned the caste system by identifying himself with lowest of the lowly and as proud citizens of this country to participate in this event to honor Dr. King who also struggled for the same principles.”

Guru Gobind Singh Foundation which is in the process of establishing a national Sikh center has been active in representing the Sikh community in various forums in Washington metropolitan area. Last September members of the Foundation participated in an interfaith religious meeting and prayer services for Aids victims. In November, Sikh Kirtani Jatha consisting of 23 Sikh members, organized by Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, also participated in an interfaith concert which was attended by more than 2000 people. The organization has also on several occasions, provided food for the homeless of Washington, D.C.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 5, 1988