SEOUL Reuter: President Chun Doo Hwan said on Friday South Korea was fully prepared to counter any North Korean attempts to sabotage this year’s Seoul Olympic Games, and assured participants of a rewarding, safe stay.

‘Chun said his country’s security was threatened’ by a continuing military buildup in the north and northern sponsored terrorism such as last November’s destruction of a South Korean airliner with 15 people aboard,

“We expect North Korea to try to employ all possible methods, including acts of terrorism, to hamper the Olympics”, Chun told a news conference at the Presidential Blue House, his first for foreign journalists.

But he said: “The important thing is not to be surprised. We are reading the intentions of North Korea clearly and accurately. Our military, police and entire people are united in preparing measures to cope with any sabotage schemes from the North.

“Please be assured that all athletes taking part in the Olympics sports, officials, tourists and other foreign visitors will have a very rewarding, safe stay in our country”,

Earlier this month, a self-avowed North Korean agent said on South Korean television she planted a bomb aboard the ill-fated Korean air lines plane on direct orders from Kim Jong Il, son and heir apparent of northern President Kim Il Sung. The north denies any involvement in the incident.

The 26yearold agent, Kim HyonHui, said part of her mission was to scare countries away from the Seoul Olympics.

Nevertheless the South Korean organizers have secured almost a full house of participants, with 161 of 167 members of the International Olympic Committee declaring they will go to Seoul.

Cuba has said it will not be there but declared participants include the Soviet Union and China, North Korea’s main allies, and every East European State except Albania, South Korea has no diplomatic relations with Communist nations.

“The Seoul Olympics this autumn will be the greatest festival of international peace and harmony in the history of the Olympic movement because the Communist countries have decided to participate”, Chun said.

He said he did not expect Pyongyang, which had already announced its boycott of the Games after failing to achieve its aim of being a cohost, to change its mind and attend the first Olympics free of a major boycott for 16 years,

“North Korea will not escape isolation from International Society after the Olympics, for the Soviet Union, China and other communist states have all announced their intentions to attend,” the President said,

SAN DIEGO: For two weeks for two weeks, Doug Williams endured the questions, the comparisons, and the scrutiny. For two weeks, Williams politely explained race didn’t matter, nothing mattered except the game,

He watched John Elway answer questions about his powerful right arm, his scrambling ability, his intelligence, and wondered why nobody asked him the same questions.

He is 32, has endured tragedy in his life, has played in the NFL seven years for the chance to be in his first Super Bowl, and all anybody wanted to know was what it was like to be black. Williams only wanted to know what it was like to be champion.

On a chilly Sunday night in Jack Murphy Stadium, he rendered the first question moot while answering the second one decisively.

“It would take too long to explain how I feel,” Williams said after leading Washington to a 4210 rout of Denver in Super Bowl XXII. “Just say it’s the best I’ve ever felt. ‘I’m not a black quarterback who played in the Super Bowl. I’m a winning quarterback who played in the Super Bowl”.

In a performance for the ages, Williams took 30 minutes to answer 30 years of questions. He completed 13of21 passes for 306 yards and a record tying four TDs in the first half alone, propelling Washington to a 3510 lead.

He finished with 18 completions in 29 attempts for a Super Bowl record 340 yards, four TDs, one interception and an MVP trophy.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 5, 1988