VANCOUVER, B.C. Canada: S. Gian Singh Sandhu, President of World Sikh Organization (Canada) has said that while India is celebrating its 40th independence day, the Sikhs are made to lead in life of slaves in India and are also the victims of false propaganda in rest of the world. Mr. Sandhu described the present political situation in India as at the brink of a civil war. Mr. Sandhu warned the rulers of India to read the writings on the. wall and face the reality of the situation and’ start a process of conciliation with the Sikh youth.

The only way out of the present tormoil is to start negotiations and not to terrorize the Sikhs with bullets and guns.

Sardar Gian Singh suggested to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi to make use of his forthcoming visit to Canada and gracefully accept Sikh demand for independence.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 21, 1987