Published By Sikh National Educational &

Cultural Organization, Stockton

It has been written to meet the longtime need of the Western Youth to learn the basic principles of Sikh faith. Twelve pictures have been added to explain the important historical events. They will find answers to their many questions which they ask about their faith. Its reading will make them proud to be a Sikh and a follower of the most modern philosophy of life. Sikh Youth Camp Directors will find it very useful to give it to their trainees to teach them history and principles of Sikh faith, TO OBTAIN THE REQUIRED COPIES OF


The Sikh National Educational & Cultural Organization 4545 Georgetown Place, Suite 34C Stockton, Ca. 95207

IN CANADA: Satnam Trust, 6010 Fraser St.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada VS5W 2Z7

*NOTE: If the number ordered is 50 or more 10% concession and if 100 or more 20% concession will be given. Books ordered by the Gurdwara Committees and nonprofit organizations will be sent free, no postage will be charged.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 15, 1988