Paper Says

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, Reuter: Some Us officials believe Pakistani maybe building a second plant to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

‘The newspaper said there was no consensus among U.S. officials and in the intelligence community about what the Pakistanis were doing at Golra, near Islamabad.

But it quoted one official of the Reagan administration as saying that reports last month in the Financial Times of London that Pakistan is building a new uranium enrichment were largely correct

He’ said it would be several years before*the plant could produce weapons grade uranium and that the development would have no special significance anyway because Pakistan already has such a plant at Kahuta, the newspaper reports.

A spokesman for the Pakistani embassy in Washington was quoted as saying: “There is no truth in any reports that Pakistan is building a processing plant at Golra”.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 15, 1988