This is the second announcement regarding the upcoming Fifth semiannual Sikh Youth Seminar to be held from December 27, 1985 to January 1, 1986 at the Long Island Marriott Hotel in Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y. The seminar has traditionally been organized by and designed for senior high school and college age students from across North America with the intent of providing an intellectual forum to discuss and debate various issues as they relate to Sikhism in general and the Sikh Youth in particular. Since the large Majority of participants are western raised and western educated, the topics that are focused upon are generally those that are of interest and benefit to this specific audience.

The tentative themes of the New York seminar include the following: (1) Issues of Sikhism and Human Rights both in India and the United States; (2) State of Sikh Philosophy among western educated Sikh Youth; (3) Future of Religious and Cultural Education; (4) Evolving role of Punjabi American Sikh Women. Numerous speakers from various backgrounds and geographical origins have been invited to attend (the final lecture program will be made available in four to five weeks.) The invited speakers include notable professors from both India and the United States as well as representatives of several special interest groups in the U.S, A few American political representatives have also been asked to address the audience although their plans remain tentative. We will also continue with the “closed door” informal evening discussions that we have had in the past seminars. Finally, in addition to spending an afternoon and evening in Manhattan, there is a tentatively scheduled lecture from a member of the U.N. secretariat on United Nations policies and procedures regarding human rights. The total cost of the seminar is $180, tax deductible. This includes hotel accommodations for five nights (5 people to a room); all meals (dinners will be at various restaurants on Long Island and N.Y.C.); and all transportation (including to and from airports, train stations, etc.). For all practical purposes the seminar covers all costs during the five days. If you wish to attend we ask that you write all checks to be made payable to the Sikh Cultural Society, New York. All correspondence, including personal checks, should be directed to the address indicated below. Also, all participants should include their travel and arrival plans should they need to be received at the airport or bus/train station. Our final deadline for seminar registration is December 1, 1985. However, earlier responses are strongly encouraged since spaces may no longer be available by that date. We are also providing alternative fees to individuals for whom the $180 seminar cost may be prohibitive. Our desire is to allow every motivated Sikh Youth in North America to attend this conference and to prevent financial considerations from restricting an individual’s participation. For further questions regarding the seminar of its itinerary please write to the address below or phone any member of the organizing committee.

Harvinder S. Sandhu

Organizing Committee:

Harvinder S. Sandhu(516) 643-2952

(New York)

Hammita K, Selhi(516) 334-2275

(New York)

Patwinder S. Sidhu(301) 983-2529

(Wash. D.C.)

Hardip S. Dhindsa(301) 727-1536

(Wash. D.C.)

Alamjit S. Virk(215) 849-6062


Anahat K. Sandhu(614) 846-0669


Gagandeep S. Grewal(517) 655-4507


Harpal S. Sandhu (415) 329-9155

(No. Cal.)

Guru S. Dhaliwal (213) 723-3814

(So. Cal.)

Sikh Youth Seminar

c/o Harvinder S. Sandhu

131 Ryder Avenue

Dix Hills, N.Y. 11746

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