New Delhi: The two day world Punjabi Congress, a pro-Congress (1) function held in the Union Capital on December 5 & 6 called upon the Union government to implement the Punjab Accord in letter and spirit. In the resolution adopted unanimously, the congress said that any deviation from the Accord would render meaningless the achievements of the accord in bring peace and democracy back to the State. A few delegates moved amendment to this resolution demanding that the words “other factors” should be deleted from the terms of reference of the Mathew Commission. Since it was not acceptable to most of the delegates the President of the Congress, Dr. Gopal Singh, redrafted the resolution which was unanimously adopted. In another resolution, the Congress said’ that religion should be separated’ from language and politics. No party should be formed on the basis of religion. The resolution demanded that places neither of worship neither should neither be used for political nor for providing refuge to criminals and undesirable elements. It also suggested that no one in position of authority in any religious organization should be allowed to become a legislator. The Congress believed in democratic politics and was opposed to political violence. The Congress adopted a resolution moved by Kartar Singh Duggal which said that Punjabi language should not be based on religion.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 13, 1985