CHICAGO, II: The following three members of our board are retiring this year: Harbhajan Singh Gakhal, Amolak Singh Gidda and Gurdev Singh Bhattal.

We invite nominations to fill these vacancies by the registered members of S.R.S. by the 15th of February. Nominations must reach the Executive Secretary, S. Harjap Sngh Sangha by 15th February midnight and written withdrawals will be accepted up to February 21st as prescribed in Article X of S.R.S. Constitution,

Membership Fee is $25.00 per family with husband and wife having the right to vote, children above 18 years of age should have their own membership forms filled out and paid as individual membership of $25.00 their proof of age is necessary at the time of election.

The Board of Trustees of S.R.S. has decided unanimously to give the benefit of doubt of Article X, Sec, 6 to only those members who are registered by the 1st Sunday of March, 1988, shall have the right to vote or be voted upon at the ensuing Annual General Meeting Elections not the first week of February. One date is final for all new and old members. March 6th at midnight,

Tentatively the Baisakhi Religious Celebrations will be held on April 10, and General Body Meeting and Elections on April 17, 1988. We will inform you of the exact date and time in our next newsletter.

For those of you whose name is nominated and those who nominate must have renewed membership by March 6th. Nominations must have a proposer, be seconded, and should have signed acceptance of the person nominated. Forms are available at S.R.S. Office.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 29, 1988