Dear Khalsa ji:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa and Waheguru Ji Ke Fatch.

As you are aware, the Sikh Nation is passing through serious crisis during its struggle for existence. In the wake of this crisis, several members of the Fresno Sikh Community have expressed a desire for getting organized to meet this challenge. Several Sikh communities surrounding the Fresno area have established Gurudwara’s and are engaged in various tasks for the betterment of Khalsa Panth.

To accomplish the above objective, various members of the Fresno Sikh Community have met on several occasions to develop a plan of action. There are many important issues which must be addressed to secure the future existence of Sikh Panth. The immediate need is to establish a central place for worship, a Gurudwara. To undertake such a commitment, your support and cooperation is needed.

To address the immediate community need, it has been suggested that monthly Sangrands and major Gurpurabs be celebrated in a hall. An eleven member adhoc committee has been formed to make arrangements for these services.

The first Sangrands service will be held on August 25, 1985, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Jefferson elementary School, located on the corner of Shaw Avenue and Fowler Avenue in Clovis. Path, Kirtan and Langar Seva will be provided by S. Rajinder Singh Brar and family. The entire Sikh community is requested to attend and actively participate to make this program a success.

Following the langar, an open meeting will be held to obtain Sangat input for future course of action. Let us not forget that our Guru’s made great sacrifices to establish the Sikh Faith and to give us our present identity. Now, We must all make a commitment and work together to preserve Sikh principles and pride from the anti-Sikh forces of today and tomorrow.

Once again you are reminded to make your attendance a must, and obtain Guru’s blessing.


Sangat De Dass

Adhoc Committee

Sikh Foundation Fresno

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 16, 1985