This Day the 28th July, 1985, the Khalsa Diwan Society in a general, heavily attended, congregational meeting at the Sikh Temple, 8000 Ross Street, Vancouver, B.C. unanimously resolved as follows:


We, in the strongest terms condemn and reject the so-called pact dated 24th July 1985, signed between Sant Longowal and Rajiv Gandhi.

This ridiculous ‘“‘pact” has violated the sentiments of the entire Sikh people. It has hurt the standing and dignity of the Sikh nation. It is an act of double-crossing and mischief which has sought to obliterate from public view the unpatrolled sacrifices and martyrdoms of the Sikh people and the blood they gave in pursuit of their goal.

We condemn Longowal to the same extent as Dogra Minister Dhian Singh (of the Sikh Kingdom) is considered a traitor in the Sikh nation. We also equate Longowal to the role of the historic traitor Lal Singh (of AngloSikh history) because Longowal broke the oath he took at Sri Akal Takhat and committed the sacrilege of Akal Takhat.

This mammoth meeting urgently demands of the Chief In charge Commander of Sri Akal Takhat Kirpal Singh and the other heads of the four thrones of Sikhism that Sant Harchand Singh Longowal be expelled and excommunicated from the Sikh Panth.

We further condemn and reject the part played by the other collaborators of Sant Longowal namely, Balwant Singh and Surjit Singh Barnala. They have equally well; hurt the position and dignity of the Sikh Panth. We recommend that both these men also be immediately expelled from the Shiromani Akali Dal. A serious view should be taken of their misconduct and they be disciplined. Resolved also unanimously that copies of this resolution be forwarded to SIGiP.C,, Akal Takhat, Press and media represent tatives etc. ** Also present in today’s gatherings were: Babbar Khalsa International, Panth Khalsa International, World Sikh Organization of Canada, Federation of Sikh Societies of Canada and International.


Sikh Youth Federation.

 Joginder Singh Sidhu


Article extracted from this publication >>  August 16, 1985