As you all must have heard by now, SEVA is a Panthic organization sincerely dedicated to the Sikh community’s striving towards the up liftment of the helpless victims of the Indian government’s oppression.

Towards this aim, SEVA has been organizing and coordinating the community’s efforts to extend holocaust relief in all forms. In order to be able to apply our energies more effectively, however, we have now decided to concentrate on one field, that of education.

We would like to help the youngsters who have been so cruelly deprived of their loved ones and are thus without sufficient means to continue the education they so desperately need to survive in this world.

To help us fulfill this task, SEVA is requesting you to join the Panthic cause today and actively support our organization by:

  1. Donating funds towards the organization itself. So far, we have been largely self-sufficient, but will be unable to succeed unless we get your active support to run the organization. We will have to monitor the children, whose names and addresses have been supplied to us by the SGPC, find appropriate institutions for them and sponsors. We need funds for advertising, correspondence and telephone expenses. Please note: all your contributions are tax-deductible; all donations and expenditure by the organization will be duly accounted for by our bookkeeper, Mrs. Sandhu, and will be published regularly in the two bay area Sikh newspapers, The Sikh Times and World Sikh News.
  2. Becoming a sponsor for one or more youngsters. This will entail paying for their tuition and living expenses. The children range from school to college and even university students, so you may state your preference as to which age group you would like to sponsor. All data about the child will be supplied by SEVA. We have statements from Punjab and Sindh Bank, vouching for the safe and proper transfer of your money to Punjab or wherever ‘your’ child may reside. In addition, we plan to monitor the child’s educational progress and see that it is receiving proper facilities and tuition. Towards this aim, we have already established contacts with various Khalsa schools and colleges, especially those with hostel facilities.

We are giving you this opportunity to pledge to make SEVA a success because its success will make all the difference.


Contact us at SEVA: (415) 3221480

In the service of the Panth,

Yours sincerely,

Bhupinder Kaur Bhatti


Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985