The recent interview of Rajiv Gandhi as Published in India. Today (Feb. 16, 1985) and his

Statements in the Indian Parliament leave no doubt in our mind that scape ‘“‘tigering’” of the Sikhs has again started with the sole objective of winning the assembly elections. Buta Singh, Zail Singh and Darbara Singh as faithful servants have started parroting the statements provided to them by the think tank run by ‘Arun and Arun limited.’

Their strategy is: Rajiv has declined to hold even a simple judicial inquiry into the guilt free massacre of Delhi. By not doing so, he has given it a Social Sanction. It can be construed that the bloodiest episode in the history of India took place with his knowledge and approval.

They have again started blaming the victims. Blame for not holding talks is being shifted on the Akalis. But before the talks can be held, Akalis have to accept the conditions. They have to dissociate themselves from Anandpur Sahib Resolution and condemn the “terrorist’’ activities. It is ironic that after indulging in the most dehumanizing types of terrorist activities the state has the cheek to tell a regional party to openly dissociate itself from violence.

It is a very well-known fact that an attempt was made to create a split between Tohra and Longowal. Tohra was projected as an extremist whereas Longowal was presented as the “good guy’ who got into the trouble because of the trouble makers. It is pleasing to note that Longowal could see through this trap and rebuffed all the ‘‘apple polishing’? Done by the “friends of the Sikhs.””

At this point in time, the Akalis, The Sikhs, in India or abroad should get convinced that the Congress (I) has identified the Sikhs as the target population. This was also very clear during the Lok Sabha elections.

The fraud of Sikh terrorism is being played up to win the state elections. The theme is the same, the script is familiar and the stage has moved to the regional areas of India.

It is also possible that in due course public opinion will be created to ban the Akali party, and merge Panjab into Maha Panjab as suggested by Bhajan Lal with the active support of Darbara Singh. The old saying comes to mind:

Na Rahe Ga Bans, Na Baje Gi Bansari.

But those who are familiar with the Sikh History should stop rubbing salt on the wounds of the Sikh Psyche. Sikhs could not be finished when Aurangzeb’s army captured Anandpur Sahib. They survived Two ‘‘Ghalugharas’’ and emerged as the rulers of the whole Panjab. At this point in history if the Sikhs play their cards right, the chances are they can make the Indian masses see through the real enemies of India.

Sikhs living abroad have a very important role to play. Every Sikh living out of India should be convinced that World Sikh Organization is emerging as the sole spokesman of the Sikhs living abroad. Its status is complimentary to S.G.P.C. because it is operating from U.S.A., it has other advantages. It can influence international opinion. It can bring the murders of minorities to the attention of democratic countries and press for the social and economic sanctions. It can start World Sikh Foundation a_ separate funding body under the umbrella of W.S.0. These funds can be used to help the riot victims and further used for putting needed advertisement in newspapers such as New York Times, Globe and Mail or Times of London.


A Single Gurdwara or a small community cannot do it all. We need a body which could do this by pulling together the financial and intellectual resources of the Sikh community living outside of India.

Another area which needs immediate attention is research, develOpment and media. Research is very essential for knowing the facts and for documentation. We all know that the recent anti-Sikh riots took place in eighty cities of India, with the active support of the State. Rajine Kothari (Who are Guilty?), Madhu Kishwar (Gangster Rule The massacre of the Sikhs) Manushi Publication, and some articles of [Illustrated Weekly are the only research evidence we have. Incidentally most of these writings are from leftist ‘‘Hindus.”’

Sikh writers have done a poor job. Khushwant Singh and his son Rahul Singh are still very ambivalent and are waiting if Rajiv Gandhi would ask them to write a book on him! The point I am trying to make is that it is essential to produce documented evidence so that the names of those who were directly or indirectly involved in anti-Sikh behavior should be recorded and used whenever the opportunity arises. Those families who helped the Sikhs should also be given due credit. Jews are still after those who killed them in 1944.

Chanakya, the famous philosopher of India, once said, “‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” There is no doubt in my mind that Congress (I) is the sworn enemy of the minorities and other powerless Indians. That animosity is already well enumerated if one reads such enlightened newspapers/magazines as India Today, Indian Express, Illustrated Weekly of India, Surya, Manushi, Dignity to mention a few. A special word is in order for Dignity, ‘‘the only political newspaper of Panjab edited by Sukhdev.” Sukhdev the only Sikh reporter working for the Tribune, Chandigarh, has been fired for his pro-Sikh views. He has set up his own paper Dignity. The present author has read two issues of Dignity. It must be stated that Suk-hdev and his efforts need support of all the Sikhs who are fighting for the just cause. His address is Mr. Sukhdev, 707 Sector 7B Chandigarh 160019.

There are political parties and political leaders who have been badly hurt on the recent elections. But they are angry. It is a matter of time that “likeminded people’? Who want to confront the reactionary rulers of India will group together. The Sikhs should keep their dialogue with such political heavy weights as Dr. Abdulla, TNR, Joyti Basu, Chander Shekhar to mention a few.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985