The indiscriminate killing of Sikhs in their homeland Punjab and in the rest of India by the extremist Hindus of the Hindi belt, supported and encouraged by the rulers of India has come as a boon in disguise. The Sikhs of the World have not only started keeping Hair and tying turban, but also joining the order of the Khalsa in large numbers by taking the Khandey di Pahul.

Miami, Fla., An Amrit Parchar Samagam was held in Miami on April 7, 1985, when almost fifty percent of the Sikhs living in Florida have taken Khandey Dee Pahul, thus joining the order of the Khalsa.

Asheboro, N.C.: A Seminar on Amrit was held in Asheboro, North Carolina, when all the

Sikhs of North Carolina assembled to learn the significance of AMRIT and to seek answers to the questions that they have on this Sikh Baptismal Ceremony. This Seminar was held on April 12, 1985. On April 13, 1985, the celebrated day of Baisakhi the Birthday of the Khalsa, an Amrit Parchar Samagam was held, when almost all the members of the local Gurdwara took Khandey Dee Pahul. In the City of Asheboro, N.C., there is hardly any Sikh who is not Amritdhari.

Washington, D.C.: On April 14, 1985, thirty one Sikhs took Amrit and joined the order of the Khalsa. The Amrit Parchar Samagam was held at the Guru Nanak Foundation Gurdwara in Silver Springs. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Gurbaksh Singh jee, the Executive Director of the Sikh Association of America, who has been addressing the Sadh Sangat at the Gurdwaras of Washington for the last six months.

Detroit, Mich.: On March 24, 1985, an amrit Parchar Samagam was held at the Gurdwara Sahib located in Madison Heights, when a number of Sikhs took Khandey dee Pahul and joined the order of Khalsa. This was the third Amrit Parchar Samagam in Detroit.

May Waheguru bless the rest of the members of Sikh Nation to obey the order of The Guru and take Khandey Dee Pahul and give the rulers of India a proof of our unity and strength.


Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1985