M.K. Gandhi decided to move a mercy appeal in the court of the Almighty to seek a better status for Indira Gandhi. When he reached the court, he was told to make himself comfortable and* that the Almighty Lord would presently come to hear him.

While he was waiting, Gandhi looked around and saw many clocks, each with hands _ that were turning at different speeds. When the Lord came, Gandhi asked about the clocks. ‘‘Well,”’ answered God, ‘‘each of these clocks symbolizes a country of the World, and the speed in each clock represents the rate at which human rights are being violated in that country.”

“I see,’’ said Gandhi. “Could you show India’s clock. I want to know the rate of violations in my old country,” he asked. “Well yes, India’s clock,” began God, ‘‘that one is down in the kitchen being used as a fan.”

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Once during lunch time, a husband, who had fathered several children, including a son, asked his wife where the “‘idiot”’ was. He was _ surprised when the wife promptly replied their son was out playing. When he questioned how she _ could know that he was asking about their son and not about other children, she replied: “There are only two idiots in the house. One is out playing and the other is at home.”

Article extracted from this publication >> March 1, 1985