CONGRESSMAN NORMSHUMWAY formally launched his campaign for reelection to California’s 14th Congressional District seat at the local Hilton Hotel. More than 400 supporters assembled on the occasion vigorously cheered him, Shumway, presently serving his fifth term in the House of Representatives, in a statement issued earlier said.

“For the past decade, I have been committed to reducing the size, cost and intervening role of the federal government. While progress has been made, much remains to be done, and I want to say on Capital Hill to continue the battle against the deficit.

“Much of the so-called ‘progress’ made by Congress in the past two years has been an illusion perpetrated by ‘the free spending democratic majority. Anyone attempting to fill out a tax return this month knows that ‘tax reform’ never happened. And anyone reading a newspaper recently knows that the ‘deficit reduction’ compromise passed late last year was little more than a sham. Each day, we read another account of parochial pork hidden in that huge spending package.

“If I could have only one goal in Washington, it would be to reform the Congressional budget process, making those you elect responsible for the tax dollars they collect. I have always supported a balanced federal budget, one which is achieved through spending cuts instead of tax increases. No tax increase in the history of this nation has ever been used to reduce old debts they have always gone to support new spending.

“However, I have more than just one goal. We must provide for a strong national defense, the federal government’s top priority and we must do so without any wasteful spending on the part of the Pentagon. I remain committed to measures and policies which eliminate excess spending while keeping America strong, proud and the leader of the free world. “J also remains committed to a better quality of life for all Americans, and to ensuring that each and every one of us enjoys liberty, opportunity and the chance to excel. Those qualities exemplify America. Equally American is our traditional values, and I will continue to work for policies which encourage and promote those precious qualities.

“Those I am privileged to represent are always uppermost in my mind. While I am not parochial in my voting record when it comes to federal money, I am committed to and working for needed projects in the district, throughout all ten counties. Most importantly, I will continue to intervene on behalf of those experiencing problems, frustrations, or inaction when confronting the enormous bureaucracy is the federal government.”

Article extracted from this publication >> March 18, 1988