CANDIGARH, India: The Punjab Governor, S.S. Ray, has ruled out the possibility of formation of any popular rule in Punjab for quite some time, in view of the turn, the law and order situation has taken for to the worse. I do not think that a popular government can be formed, the Governor told the newsmen at Chandigarh,

Mr. Ray set at rest the speculation about the changes at the top level of official hierarchy. He declared that none of the top three Tulers, including himself Ribeiro and the Chief Secretary, Vaishnav are being shifted from Punjab. However, the Governor refused to comment on the future of Vidhan Sabha which is under suspended animation at present. On persistent questioning on the question of Vidhan Sabha, Mr. Ray said that he cannot tell anything to them. Answering another question on this subject, the Governor said that the Vidhan Sabha if at all to be dissolved will be done after the Rajya Sabha election.

The Governor told the newsmen that the present Chief Secretary cannot be changed at this stage and he had conveyed his feelings to the Centre on the subject. He categorically declared that neither I nor Ribeiro is quitting his post.

The Governor admitted that the situation has worsened after 1987. The Governor again spoke of the old theory of the government that the Golden Temple has become the main hiding place for the Sikh freedom fighters. He claimed that there are 80 Sikh freedom fighters inside the Golden Temple. However, he said the present situation prevailing in the Golden Temple cannot be compared to the one which necessitated the army attack in June, 1984. He claimed that the security forces are doing their best in containing the Sikh freedom fighters outside the Golden Temple.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 11, 1988