RAI BARELI: Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar Thursday said certain political parties wanted the Punjab problem to remain unresolved for their vested interests

Addressing a series of election meetings in eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar he said those parties which were behind the creation of the Punjab and Assam problems now were against these issues to be resolved only for their political interests.

Without naming the parties Chandra Shekhar said they did not want the atmosphere of killings in the state to end and hence had opposed polls in the sensitive Border States

Chandra Shekhar said during the five-month mule his government took initiatives to solve the Punjab Assam and Kashmir problems and in the process initiated talks with militants in Punjab. “This has helped in changing the atmosphere in Punjab and now elections are being held” he said.

He said those who wanted to divide families in the name of Hinduism and the Hindu god Rama should release that Ram could not be found in membership of parliament but in the service of the poor and the oppressed.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1991