State Prosecutor Indicates New Hearing Sikh Cultural Society, New York’s Offer of Reward Helped Trace the Culprit

NEW ARK N.J.: The Magistrate, Robert Hedges, was stunned at the sensational disclosure made in his court by Mr. Sam Alito, Lead Prosecutor for the entire New Jersey State. Mr. Alito disclosed that the person who had made the terrorist threats during the trial of Ranjit Singh Gill and Sukhminder Singh Sandhu, the person who was alleged to be a Sikh or someone working for the Sikh people, was infect the Prosecutor Judy Russell herself. She had herself made up the threats to prejudice the mind of the judge and to project the Sikhs as “terrorists” in the eyes of the world.

The F.B.I. sleuths started examining the possibility that the culprit may be some-one other than a Sikh after the Sikh Cultural Society of New York announced a reward of $5000.00 to any one giving information leading to the arrest of the man who Judy Russell claimed shouted at her in the local shopping Mall. S. Jagjit Singh Mangat, S. Baldev Singh and S. Amarjit Singh Grewal proved particularly helpful in unearthing the conspiracy. The F.B.I. examined various theories and finally their suspicion fell on the prosecutor herself. They raided her apartment and found the material she had been using to make terrorist threats. The paper, the typewriter and the pens all matched with the terrorist letters.

As Mr. Alito was making the disclosures, the Judge sat there holding his head in the hands, wondering over how he was tricked into ordering unprecedented security in and outside the court, how he was made to insist that Gill and Sandhu should be produced in his court heavily shackled.

The Counsel for Ranjit, Mr. Ronald Kuby told World Sikh News over the phone that Gill and Sandhu will definitely get a fresh hearing. He also stated that F. B.I. should proceed against Judy Russell as she had violated a number of Federal laws by making terrorist threats, attempting to prejudice the mind of the judge and tempering with the normal process of a fair trial.

Confirming the story, Mr. Michael Chertoff, press officer in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark, N.J. told world Sikh News that the trial would be reviewed in the light of the new developments. He, however, declined to discuss its impact upon the merits of the case.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 25, 1988