S. SUKHBIR PALS. GILL is one of the founding members of the Sikh Temple Fremont and now the Chairman of the Gurdwara management committee got the religious touch as a life style form his childhood. He was born at Moga to Sardarni and Giani Gurdial Singh, a religious figure of his times. Mr. Gill got his BA. degree from D.M. College in Moga in 1948 but he preferred to take agriculture as a profession rather than running about for a government service. After some time his younger brother took up his assignment of agriculture and he joined the Punjab Irrigation Dept. and then shifted to railway as an engineer after getting a degree in Engineering.

He was married to Srimati Mohinder Kaur in 1952.

Gills migrated to U.S.A. in 1969 and joined PG&E electric company as ‘a design and drafting engineer. But the real Gill was found when he pioneered the movement of constructing a Gurdwara in Fremont area. Mr. Gill had been associated with the management of the temple since the beginning of the process of construction. He has held every elected office and he is probably the only individual who has been serving the cause of gurdwara until to day in one capacity or another. This shows his sense of devotion, sincerity and popularity.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 8, 1987