Rahul: Daddy?

Rajiv: Yes, son.

Rah: What is a marriage of convenience?

Raj: Son, when two persons have no love for each other but marry for other reasons, it is a marriage of convenience.

Rah: Daddy, was there a marriage of convenience between Hindu and Sikh leaders at the time of India’s independence?

Raj: Why do you say that, son?

Rah: Daddy, do you

know the Black Widow?

Raj: What?

Rah: The Black Widow, do you know?

Raj: What are you talking about, son, who is the Black Widow?

Rah: It is the name of a black spider. Do you know why it is called the Black Widow?

Raj: Why, son?

Rah: After mating, she eats her mate.

Raj: That is horrible.

Rah: Just a marriage of convenience.


Article extracted from this publication >> February 1, 1985