Sound morality is the essential prerequisite for evolving a strong nation. Respect for ethical norms, judicial institutions and democratic conventions among the people of a country develop directly in proportion to the precepts of its ruling circles. The conduct of political bosses controlling the administrative set up determines the behavior pattern of the various administrative organs, chiefly of the bureaucracy. Behavior pattern of the bureaucracy in turn percolates to the people, and from the interaction of these interdependent units emerges what we term as national character. The worst ever spy scandal to rock Delhi has brought into focus the utter bankruptcy of the Indian national character. Six officials from the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, two from the Presidents’ office, two each from Defense, Finance and Commerce ministries and three from Home Ministry have been arrested. Arrest of many more officials manning sensitive seats is on the cards. The sordid drama is repugnant enough to justify a cynical observation that bureaucrats controlling the corridors of power in Delhi appear to be on deputation from foreign lands, faithfully and loyally serving their generous masters.

The action of the arrested officials is symptomatic of the malady that is devouring the very vitals of a crumbling nation. Thirty-seven years of congress misrule has systematically destroyed every semblance of political morality. Corruption has become an accepted if not respected way of life. Subverting judiciary and prostituting the executive for political objectives have been recognized as legitimate maneuvers. The prestigious Gymkhana Club, once the exclusive retreat of British ‘‘Bara Sahibs,”” has come to serve as an ideal setting for trading highly classified information with bundles of currency, buxom brunettes and cases of deluxe scotch.

How ‘logically blends with this dehumanized background of wine, women and wealth, the orgy of murder, arson, rape and plunder of innocent Sikhs by the drunken mobs under the command of ruling party M.P.’s and Light Weights and with the active connivance of police and Army personnel. Politics of revenge has been combined with whipped up Hindu Fundamentalist intolerance. The unabashed and arrogant shedding of all pretenses to secularism has no doubt paid rich election dividends but in the bargain the dream of a united India has been doomed for good. The congress has ruled through gimmicks and slogans with little concern for either the minorities or the starving millions. It has produced and perpetuated a diseased system and those involved in the spy scandal are the logical products of this system. The system needs urgent and elaborate surgery and instant purge of the septic minds.




Article extracted from this publication >> February 1, 1985