Rah: Daddy?

Raj: Yes, son.

Rah: Amitab Uncle is going to be a minister.

Raj: Yes, son, you know, he-is like a brother to me. This is the least that we can do for him.

Rah: But daddy, so many actors are going to become ministers.

Raj: A few, son, not many.

Rah: But they know nothing about politics, daddy.

Raj: They will learn son, they will learn fast.

Rah: Like you did, daddy?

Raj: Eat your soup, son.

Rah: Daddy?

Raj: Goon, son.

Rah: It is better to have actors in your cabinet, daddy?

Raj: You think so, son?

Rah: Yes, dad, they are used to the director’s orders.

Raj: Use the napkin, son, not the back of your hand.

Rah: Daddy?

Raj: Whatis it, son?

Rah: Daddy, you are great.

Raj: What makes you say that, son?

Rah: Bringing Amitab Uncle into the parliament.

Raj: You think so, son?

Rah: O, yes, dad, I am looking forward to a creat tamasha.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 11 1985