On the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday celebrations, December 30, 1984 in Fremont Gurudwara young speakers below the age of 12 spoke on various aspects of the Guru’s personality and contribution. All the speakers were awarded trophies. Trophies were given away by Mrs. Dhammi. Besides trophies, each child was given $10 cash by S. Ajaib Singh Sidhu. Participation of the new    generation at the most impressionistic age was highly appreciated. It is hoped that this example will be followed by other Gurdwaras and Sikh institutions also. The following is the complete list of participants and the topics on which they spoke:

 Kanwarjit Singh Boparai (9 years) — (Life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji).

Neetu Kaur Saroya (91/2, years) — (Khande da Amrit), (Speech in Punjabi).

Kiranjit Kaur Brah (8 years) (How Guru Gobind Singh Ji made PanjPiayre).

 Parmjot Kaur Grewal (9 years) — (Five K’s — Kakay).

l Singh Grewal (10 years)  (Sacrifices of Guru Gobind Singh Ji).

Harpreat Kaur (Life of Guru Gobind Singh Ji).Kirandeep Kaur (Poem in Punjabi).

Barinderpal Singh (9 years) — (Panj Pauree da Path).Bandhna Kaur (4 years) (Pehli Pauree da Path).



Article extracted from this publication >> January 11 1985