NEW YORK, NY: A Resolution of the Sikh Cultural Society, New York expressed “deep conviction that the Sikhs have the unalienable right to maintain and defend the sanctity of the Golden Temple, the holiest of the Sikh shrines, at Amritsar”. It said.

The freedom fighters (Sant Sipahi) inside the Golden Temple, who are besieged by the Indian government security forces, have been exercising this right. They are defending the sanctity of the Golden Temple,” it added.

“We, hereby, condemn the siege and shooting inside the Golden Temple by the Indian Security Forces. We consider it an act of grave desecration of the shrine and hold the Indian government responsible,” it further stated.

The resolution was passed unanimously on May 15 by the Board of Trustees and on May 22 by the Sangat of the Gurdwara.

Another resolution passed by the society expressed “conviction in the Martyrdom of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale at the Golden Temple in June, 1984”. The “rumors spread by the Indian government, through its agents, that he is alive, are malicious. We feel that the purpose of this malicious falsehood is to downgrade his sacrifice”

The resolution requested the Damdami Taksal to appoint a permanent to Sant Jarnai Singh Bhindranwale to head the Taksal. The resolution was also passed by the Board of Trustees on May 15 and the sangat on May 22.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 3, 1988