BRNALA, Punjab, India: The Punjab Governor, S.S. Ray, and Mrs. Maya Ray visited Barnala to console the families of the ten persons killed by gunmen two days ago. Mr. Sarbjit Singh Sandhu, S.S.P. Sangrur, informed Mr. Ray that the gunmen had been identified, Briefing the newsmen, Ray said the time now was not for talks but action. He said, “I understand victims’ families’ emotions and the government will do everything possible to help them”. Mr. Ray said we have some weaknesses which ought to be removed. He called a meeting of the Chief Secretary, G.O.C. of Western Command, D.G_P. the additional Chief Secretary, the LG. (BS.F.) and the D.L.G. (Intelligence) tomorrow at Chandigarh,

Article extracted from this publication >> January 29, 1988