New Delhi — Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s Italian born wife, Sonia, was greatly perturbed at the decision of the Security Staff to keep the children at home.

The children, Rahul, 14, and Priyanka, 12, are receiving instructions at home and ‘“‘will attend their respective schools only to take their final examination in March under heavy security,” said the sources. It is learnt that Sonia Gandhi was keen that the children be allowed to attend school, but was not allowed to take the risk.

Dear Sir:

 I eagerly look forward for the day when the flag of Sikh Nation will flutter high in the sky among the free nations of the world. It will be a day of great joy and pride, and then no longer will I have to answer the following to my American friends.

  1. Do Indians worship cows and bulls?
  2. Isn’t India a land of starving people?
  3. Do Indians breed like rabbits as there are so many of them?
  4. Do Indians worship idols of gods, goddesses, snakes, monkeys, rats, fertility Lords and rivers?
  5. Do Hindus rule India?

I will then politely smile and say please address these questions to an Indian, as I am a Sikh from Khalistan, home of the brave and proud. Hurray! We shall be free at last.

Jasiit Singh Bedi

Article extracted from this publication >> February 8, 1985