Dear Editor:

Massacre of Sikhs is certainly shocking, however this is not the first time the fascist Hindu Majority which professes itself to be nonviolent and peace loving has resorted to such demeaning acts.

 In 1982 the same mob mentality encouraged by the Hindu Government massacred over 5,000 Moslems. Foreign magazines which carried articles pertaining to the rampage were banned in India and the international community looked the other way. Clashes between Hindus and Moslems flare up virtually every year in that country. The blame for these incidents lie squarely on the shoulders of the

Dear Sir,

 The Punjabi Sahit Sabha of Ontario condemns the actions of the Punjabi Newspaper “NAVIN DHARTI”’ as well as its Editor Mr. Gurdial S. Kanwal. The anger results from a photograph that relates to the Headline News ‘‘Consulate S. Davinder Singh Transfer” Dec. 31Jan. 15, 1985 issue.

The photograph depicts Davinder Singh sitting along with two Sikh gentlemen and one other person. However, the picture has been deliberately tampered with and used as mischievous propaganda. Davinder Singh, an employee of the India Consulate Toronto has Hindu chauvinists. I know the Sikhs well enough and can assure you that they are the most tolerant minority in India who show no desire to convert anyone to their beliefs.

First it was the Moslems, now Sikhs, what next? As a Christian with roots in that country I am deeply concerned about the welfare of minorities living under the shadow of fascist Hindu majority. I humbly appeal to the international community to seriously look into the status of minorities in India. If we fail to stop this religious violence then we should be prepared to accept the guilt of no concerned citizens of this planet. Thank You. Peter E. DeSouza

Damaged the movement led by the Sikh Nation in Panjab for economic, Political & Religious safeguards in which thousands of Sikh men, women and children have lost their lives. The aforesaid Davinder Singh of India Consulate Toronto has been undermining the Sikh cause through such media. Mr. Kanwal, the Editor, has spoken highly of Davinder Singh. And so, it is apparent that “Navin Dharti” is towing the line of India Mission in Canada and is serving as its propaganda tool misleading the Sikh Community.

Our Association strongly condemns the role of G. S. Kanwal and at the same time we send our strong protest to the Acting H.C. India in Canada and want that he should refrain from propaganda against the Sikhs of Canada through such media manipulation.

L.S. Aujla,

General Secretary

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 8, 1985