It is quite obvious that Rajiv Gandhi believes that the Sikh blood already shed by his mother in 1984 is not enough. He wants more of the same to flow in the streets as his own independent contribution towards the making of a purely Hindu India of his and that of his ancestors’ dreams. Making the Sikhs all over the world as his target, he has rallied Hindus around himself who in turn have readily put him on the saddle to drive the Sikhs to the slaughterhouse. As a part of the conspiracy, with his conscious dilatory tactics, he is dragging the Sikhs into another major confrontation to achieve the objectives of the Nehru Dynasty. If it was not so, he would not have:

1). Backed and subsequently continued to defend the June 1984 pillage of the holiest of the holy Sikh shrines the Golden Temple at Amritsar butchering thousands of innocent Sikh men, women and children in its wake.

2). Patronized the barbaric carnage of the helpless Sikhs young and old, all over India and especially in Delhi after October 31. 1984.

3). Refused to hold a judicial inquiry into the mayhem of the Sikhs at the hands of his cronies in India and especially in Delhi.

4). Banned the publication and distribution of such independent inquiry reports as who are the Guilty? made by a team of non-Sikhs headed by retired Mr. Justice Tarkunde and the other Riots in Delhi, done by another non-Sikh committee with the former Chief Justice of India Mr. S.M. Sikri as its head. Both of these inquiry teams consisting of highly distinguished citizens of India, have identified names of his comrades in arms and clearly held Mr. Rajiv Gandhi responsible for the holocaust perpetrated on the unprotected and defenseless innocent Sikh men, women and children in the first two weeks of November, 1984.

5). Avoided taking the above investigators and publishers to court to vindicate himself and his accomplices, if he was not guilty of the horrible crimes pointed out by them in their aforementioned reports.

6). Remained quiet and not condemned the hair rising atrocities the Sikhs have been and continue to be subjected to.

7). Contested the Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament) elections on the basis of Hindus versus Sikhs.

8). Portrayed Sikhs as a whole as the enemies of the country.

9). Drummed up hatred and hysteria against the Sikhs and sent his terrorist squads to hunt them even abroad.

10). Promoted and/or rewarded the Sikh traitors and collaborators such as: Buta, Santa and Dayal.

11). Excluded the tens of thousands of massacred Sikhs from the observance of two minute silence at the opening session of the new parliament.

12). Been blinded with power and gone around bullying and blackmailing the Sikhs in all corners of India to generate for his stooges Hindu votes in the current state assembly elections.

13). Worsened the situation by going back from his (so called) assurance of solving the Punjab problem soon. His intentions are clearly malafide. He is riding on the backs of the Sikhs and making them his scapegoats exactly the way his mother was doing to please her Hindu mentors. Like her, he does not give a hoot to the unity of India. All she cared or he cares for is power — power for its own sake and not for the sake of India. If it was not so, he would not have been playing dirty and communal politics. This is his brand of politics because he wants to:

1). Annihilate the non-Hindu minorities and especially gobble up the Sikhs whom he finds in the way of Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan concept.

2). Scrap the Anandpur Sahib Resolution.


3). Deprive the Sikhs of their sacred traditions and heritage and dictate his own ‘‘norms’’ to be followed in the Gurdwaras.


4). Stop the Sikhs from sending the DUSWUND money to the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

5). Stop the nonresident and/or foreign Sikhs from going to Punjab or their holy shrines at their own free will.

6). Change the tenets of Sikhism by virtually outlawing and exterminating the AMRITDHARI Sikhs and crushing them under the Hindu Juggernaut that he is now leading.

7). Develop a consensus among the Hindus and eventually outlaw the Shromani Akal Dal the main political party of the Sikhs, like he already has The Sikh Students Federation.

8). Wipe Punjab out of existence by merging it in the Hindu states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh thereby deprives the Sikhs of their homeland.

9). Defame and denigrate the Sikh heroes and stalwarts such as Sant Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh and General Shubeg Singh.

10). Stop all assistance from the Sikhs legal or otherwise from India or abroad to such Sikhs in predicaments and in jails of India or Pakistan, as Satwant Singh or the highjackers in Lahore.

In short he has declared a war on the Sikhs everywhere, and is busy entrapping them, enmeshing them, enfettering them and enslaving them. If Raja Man Singh (a Hindu Rajput or Jat) in Bharatpur is shot dead, an inquiry is ordered by him at once. However if the Sikhs are slaughtered, it does not deserve an inquiry or sympathy. In the case of Hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka, who want to secede from that country, he backs them in their effort, trains them and gives them refuge in South India so that they can divide Sri Lanka and become independent —the same game that Indira Gandhi played on behalf of the Hindus of East Pakistan and had Pakistan cut into two countries. In his own country, like his mother, he is _ slaughtering the Sikhs ruthlessly even when their demands are nowhere near to the Tamils in Sri Langa or the Bengalis in Bangladesh (former East Pakistan). His double standard and hypocrisy must be exposed. He is undermining the high office of the prime minister by playing cheap and underhanded politics and making the Sikhs victims of his indiscriminate wrath. As a dutiful descendant of the Nehru Dynasty he must not only toe but exceed the steps of his ancestors to the chagrin of the Sikhs.

1). He is now holding all Sikhs all over India as his hostages and subjecting them to state organized terror.

2). Thousands of Sikh families have been wiped out.

3). Thousands of other Sikhs are being tortured in the cells.

4). Thousands of more Sikhs are being made to go through his sham trials and await to be hanged.

5). those who live out of his prisons have no rights, security or freedom. They are being gagged and subjected to his black laws which even Satan will not enunciate. These laws are created just for the Sikhs in Punjab and not for the Hindus. A Sikh in his eyes is guilty until he proves himself innocent.

How long can the Sikhs in Punjab endure such repressive existence? Their only fault is that they are Sikhs. Rajiv Gandhi’s phenomenon is a challenge to Sikhism. It is the question of our survival. Either we allow ourselves to be bulldozed by him or we do not. If we do not, then we must act. To act, for us in foreign countries, is easier than our brethren in his clutches in India. We have resources, we are free and we will be heard. Abiding by and conducting ourselves within the framework of the laws of our countries wherein we live, we can do a lot. The tens and thousands of orphaned Sikh children, widowed Sikh women and crippled by torture Sikh men moan for our help. They “look before and after and pine for what is not.” If we do not want to betray our nation and our religion, we must plan and proceed. The single most important thing that we can do is to make an all-out effort and draw the attention of the world community to the plight of the Sikhs in India. The time of merely raising slogans is long over. We must not blame or provoke each other. The time now is to get serious and stop rationalizing. The plan of a peaceful action can be to set up camp close to the United Nations Headquarters in New York and stage indefinite continuous string of fasts, individually or in groups, one after the other, to last for 10/15 days at a time by each individual or group and keep doing so until the condition of the Sikhs in India is ameliorated. We should demand that:

1). Special courts should be abolished.

2). Black laws be repealed.

3). Ban on Sikh Students Federation be lifted.

4). All prisoners political or otherwise connected with the Sikh agitation be released.

5). The Anandpur Sahib Resolution be accepted.

6). A judicial inquiry be held in the riots in Delhi and rest of the country in Nov., 1984 and in the Operation Blue Star June, 1984.

These fasts should be commenced well before Rajiv Gandhi arrives in the U.S. in June, 1985. Such an action plan will attract the attention of the world media and the news will continue to splash on the T.V. screens all around the globe to his discomfiture and that of his government in India. This will mould public opinion in favor of our suffering Sikhs and their cause in India. It will attract the attention of the world forum the United Nations. This will make Rajiv Gandhi and his hordes to think twice before manufacturing further confrontations with Sikhs with the object of slaughtering them. They will have to listen to the Sikhs and concede their demands.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985