Rachhpal Singh Sandhu who is known as Pal Sandhu to his friends is a popular figure amongst the Sikh circles of Fresno. His service as a Coordinator of the weekly programs at Gurdwara Sahib Caruthers has earned him a distinguished position in the religious and social circles of the area.

Mr. Sandhu originally belongs to village Rurka Kalan, which was once known as a political nerve center of Doaba region of the state. He proudly claims his children as being the fourth generation of the immigrants to the United States of America. His grandfather S. Jawala Singh who was popularly known as “Sikh an Da” came to Canada in 1915. His father S. Pritam Singh Sandhu migrated to Canada in 1930, but unluckily expired in 1961.

His mother, Mata Bishan Kaur also left for heavenly abode in 1976.

Pal Sandhu who decided to follow the footprints of his parents, sailed to Canada in 1959. After two years of his stay Mr. Sandhu visited U.S.A on the president requests of his village mates in

  1. But soon, he was persuaded to opt for Fresno as his permanent residence.

Today Sandhus are the fortunate immigrants who could be listed as successful businessmen and one of the top farmers. Paland his brothers Baljinder and Jaswinder are proudly managing “Sandhu Trucking Co,” 100 Acres

Rasin grapes farm and two grocery stores. His sister Surinder Kaur is happily married to S. Tribhawan Singh Gill of Castro Valley. Gills were one of the founder members of Gurdwara Sahib Fremont and also served as director on its board of trustees for one term. His other brother Romesh Singh still lives at Vancouver. Recently his daughter was married to the grandson of S. Mohinder Singh Thandi of Fresno in June 1988. ss

Rachhpal Sandhu is one of the founders of Gurughar at Caruthers and has donated handsomely for this project.

Mr. Sandhu was married to Simarjit Kaur who belonged to V. Pharwala District Jalandhar. They are the proud parents of a daughter Prabhjot Kaur (12 years) and a son Pritam Singh (8 years).

Sandhus believe in the philosophy “to earn money is not bad but the love of money is bad.”

Article extracted from this publication >> September 23, 1988