Bangalore: Janta Party Chief Minister of Karnatka State, Mr. R. K. Hegdre, has tendered the resignation of his government following the defeat of Janta Party parliamentary candidates in his state. He has taken this step not because of any constitutional or legal obligation but in keeping with the moral traditions of owning the responsibility for the defeat of his party candidates. He has also recommended to the Governor dissolution of the house and fresh elections. The Governor may or may not accept his recommendation. He can dissolve the house and order fresh elections; and he can also ask congress (I) to form the Government as it is the second largest party in the legislature.

Mr. Hegdre had out maneuvered every move of the congress (I) to topple his government, and exposed the scandalous attempt to buy legislators with huge sums of money. His resignation is in the best traditions of democracy and stands in sharp contrast to congress (I) lust for power. Congress (I) has demonstrated terrible impatience for power and in pursuit of its aim throws all principles and morals to the winds. Dr. Farooq Abdulla, former Kashmir chief minister, was most foully dismissed and a puppet chief minister was installed because Dr. Farooq refused to carry out the undemocratic central directives.



Article extracted from this publication >>  January 4, 1985