Hyderabad: The ruling Telegu Desam headed by T. Rama Rao has not only gained absolute majority in the State, but also emerged as the largest opposition group in the Parliament with 27 members. T. Rama Rao’s government it may be recalled was dismissed by the Congress appointed Governor, Mr. Ramlal, on the pretext that T. Rama Rao has lost majority support in the house. A defecting dissident of Telegu Desam was appointed Chief Minister with Congress (1) support. But the move failed to click when the majority of Telegu Desam legislators refused to desert T. Rama Rao, who brought all his supporters to Delhi for physical verification by the President of India. The ailing Rama Rao foiled every attempt of the Centre to keep him out of office. In view of the violent reaction in the whole of Andhra Pradesh against the Governor’s actions, centre was forced to dismiss the Governor and rehabilitate T. Rama Rao as chief minister. By giving a decisive mandate in favor of Telegu Desam party, the people of Andhra Pradesh have registered a warning to the centre that they won’t put up with the toppling game of the congress (I). Telegu Desam party is demanding autonomy for the States and is advocating that only defense, communications and foreign relations should fall within the center’s ambit and the rest must be made state subjects. Anand-Pur Sahib resolution is prepared to additionally give currency to the center, yet it is branded as separatist.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 4, 1985