The Punjabi Sahit Sabha of Ontario Inc. has served Notice o fa libel suit against Mr. John Frazer and Staff Editor & Publisher “Saturday Night” including Mr. Ian Mulgrew whose article “The Punjab Connection” on Sikhism appeared in the aforesaid Magazine “Saturday Night” in its January 1988 issue.

2, The Notice claims the. Stories published in “Saturday Night”/January, 1988, issue which were highly inaccurate about Sikhs in general and Sikhism in particular and the article written by Ian Milgrew which was malicious fabrication and falsehood that was understood to mean that:

**“Guru Nanak was a Hindu……….

 * “In a ceremonial baptism with goat’s blood…

 Many adult men (Sikhs) return to India to find or buy a bride”.

* “They (the Sikhs) became the dominant group within the religion and later Gobind’s symbols (Five Ks) were incorporated in the legal definition of a SIKH.

* “The Sikh Community is suffering from great apprehension irregard to Mr. Ian Milgrew’s BOOK entitled “Sikhs Un holly Terror” which we understand is being published in April, 1988.

Our position is that this under publication Book should not be published at this juncture and we demand a written undertaking from Mr. Milgrew in that regard.

 It has been in the Notice that if they do not retract and provide for a public/published apology and agree to stop publication of Milgrew’s Book “Sikhs Unholy Terror” within one month from the date of issue of the Notice referred to above, we will file a defamation suit in court will be filed and seek an INJUNCTION plus Attorney’s fee, Special damages, Remote, Legal cost and Punitive.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 15, 1988