STOCKTON, CA: India, the 6th poorest country on earth, has not shown appreciable growth in any area, since it became independent in 1947. However, two notable exceptions make the above statement little question able. One exception is acquiring sophisticated arms and another one but more ominous is its population growth. As the poor become still poorer, India’s rabbit like population explosion continues UN checked.

The recent projections released by Genus’s Bureau in its new, “World Population Profile:  1987”, Suggest that Indian population may far exceed Chinas in less than 60 years.

China has been on the top of the list of world’s most populous countries for a long time. However, its aggressive policy to contain population growth appears to have paid dividends.

On the other hand, due to corruption and conscious neglect by Cong, led Indian government, no special interest has been shown towards containing rapid growth. It is estimated that India’s population could reach 1,591, 204,000 by year 2050 while China’s population is expected to be 1,554,875, 000,

The Census Bureau estimate China’s current population to be 1,088,169,000 as compared to In dais which is inhabiting 816,828, 000 people. Currently, one out of five people on this earth is Chinese.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 13, 1988