Observance of some semblance of an ethical code in governance is an absolute must for a country to qualify for a seat in the international comity of nations. In fact, governance devoid of a code is self-destructive. It can last only for a brief hour before dissolving into oblivion. But the rulers in India have evolved a code of their own that defies all the known definitions of governance. It is a code conceived in deceit, nursed by fraud and wedded to falsehood.

The Sikhs are not up against a democratic government. They are fighting a pack of crime oriented “fortune hunters” who have come to wield political power by manipulating rabidly communal but dangerously illiterate multitudes through the highly perfected art of fabrication, distortion and misinformation. If the common people of the free world were to discover the truth, they would start such a global protest as would make their respective governments demand India’s expulsion from all the international forums and insist on imposing against her the severest economic sanctions.

It can happen only in India outside the Communist block that the government should authorize a state police chief to recruit mercenary criminals for the purpose of killing uncomfortable political opponents. This is precisely what the Punjab Police Chief, Mr. Ribeiro is openly doing. The newspaper reporters from both India and abroad have published shocking details of the interviews with such mercenaries who boast of killing at least forty Sikhs each. The police officials in the Punjab have also privately admitted that these hired killers are being given money, weapons, and ammunition by the police to execute the tasks assigned to them. Well done, my boys, says Ribeiro after they murder a Sikh youth.

Again, it can happen in India that no action should be taken against the Shiv Sena Chief, Bal Thakeray who keeps threatening the religious minorities and tells them to “reconvert” to Hinduism if they wish to survive in India. He has now called for the boycott of Sikhs in Bombay if they fail to end violence in Punjab. He wants Bombay Sikhs to perform what the combined operations of the army, police and paramilitary troops have failed to accomplish. By making the boycott threat he reportedly collected a fat amount of rupees one corer from the Sikhs. He has set an ominous precedent which would be followed by other Hindu organizations in states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Delhi where Sikhs have prosperous business and agricultural establishments.

The sensational disclosure of the terrorist death threats by the prosecutor herself in the extradition case of the two young Sikhs has revealed an altogether different dimension of the Indian government’s wicked ways. It should not be viewed merely as an overzealous attempt to secure the extradition of the Sikhs but full cognizance must be taken of it as a sinister move to subvert the U.S. justice system.

Curiously, the killing of innocent bus passengers, villagers including women and children started in Sri Lanka only after the deployment of the Indian Peace Keeping Force there. The pattern of these killings is strikingly similar to the one frequently used in the Punjab. The similarity is not a coincidence but a confirmation that the hand at the back of these monstrosities is no other than that of the Indian government.

All this is only a tip of the iceberg and a passing glimpse of the code that Mahatma Gandhi’s followers in Delhi observe. It is time that the free nations of the world should make a reassessment of India’s pretentions and separate chaff from the grain. They must speak up for the persecuted religious minorities and save them from the fanatic zealots of Hinduism if they are interested in fostering the forces of good.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 8, 1988