ROHTAK: The authorities of the local Custodian department today “auctioned” plots and shop sitters in the city and got involved in a scandal.

It is learnt that a part in Subhash Nagar falling in the jurisdiction of the Custodian Department had been converted into 16 plots and six shop sites a plot near Gohana Chowk was also put up for sale.

Though there were a large number a applications in response to tenders invited through advertisements the authorities made it out that there was no taker.

A today’s auction the authorities contrived to allot plots and shop sites to relative’s supporters and the P.A. of a minister.

There are prominent figures including a Municipal Commissioner among the allotters.

Though neither the Deputy Commissioner Mr. Gulab Singh Sarot nor the authorities of the Custodian Department could be contacted immediately it is alleged that precaution formalities were no completed. Leaflets about the auction were circulated to the selected few.

Residents of Subhash Nagar told this correspondent that even they were in the dark about the auction

Thousands of bidders were Present at the site but the authorities favored the chosen ones including a Haryana Vikas Party leader and former M.L.A.

However a couple of persons who tied to emulate the HVP leader were bashed up by supporters of the minister

According to a conservative estimate the sale of the plots and shop sites in Subhash Nagar alone was affected at one-third of the market price.

It is pointed out that the plot near Gohana Chowk has been brought under the purview of the Custodian Department though one person said have the relevant documents to substantiate his claim to the ownership. The records of the plot are allegedly missing from the municipality office.

It’s alleged that for want of the documents with the municipality the plot was brought under the jurisdiction of the Custodian Department with an ulterior motive.

It may be mentioned here that though the president of the municipally is a Bharatiya Janata Party leader he has been allegedly hobnobbing with the minister. He is also alleged to be a relative of the P.A to the minister

The sources say that though the market price of the plot is about Rs. 30 lakh the “auction” has fetched less than Rs 4 Lakh.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 8, 1996