GLEN ROCK, N.J.; The Panthic Reunification, Rededication and Revitalization workshop is being held at Glen Rock Gurdwara, Singh Sabha on May 7, 8, 1988. It will broadly cover:

  1. Co-ordination and cooperation among existing Sikh organizations.
  2. The most effective, peaceful legal programs and strategies for speedy achievement of Khalistan.
  3. the most effective strategies to favorably influence the Sikh and nonSikh people through T.V., radio and newspaper media.
  4. The coordination and streamlining of efforts to gain political support for the Sikh cause.
  5. Setting up a Sikh Credit Society for financial progress of Sikhs living abroad.
  6. Setting up a Sikh Research and Information Center and setting up mechanism to re inculcate the Sikh fervor and pride among Sikh youth and prepare them for future leadership (please bring slides, paintings, books, etc. of historical value for display).
  7. Strengthening existing organizations and set ups to provide financial, legal and moral support to the victims of government persecution.

8, strengthening existing organizations engaged in the tasks of providing help to the nonSikh needy persons and the creation of a positive image of the Sikh faith among non-Sikhs.

Innovative new schemes and strategies to raise the needed funds to finance various projects.

Those willing to avail them: selves of this opportunity to fulfill their sincere desire of serving their nation and most economical airfares, then please call:

Daljit Singh Jawa (913) 2670222.

(For Reservations) Amarjit Singh (Ahluwalia) (516) 5692827 (For Assistance In New York)

Article extracted from this publication >> April 29, 1988