NEW DELHI, India, April 23, Reuter: India’s extreme right Hindu Shiv Sena called a one day general strike in Punjab’s Jullundur district on Saturday after seven Hindus were slaughtered by suspected Sikh militants there on Friday.

The Hindus were among 19 people who died in the violence in the North Indian State on Friday, bringing the total killed there during April to more than 175.

Police quoted by the Press! Rust of India said the Hindus were killed and several others injured when a squad of eight gunmen entered the village of Mandi Fenton Ganj in a truck, firing indiscriminately.

Two people were killed and three critically wounded by a bomb in Jullundur on Thursday and police have been put on maximum alert there in case of further attacks or Hindu Sikh disturbances following the incidents.

In a similar gun attack near Amritsar, the Sikh holy city, eight farm laborers from outside Punjab were shot dead late on Friday night by five militants armed with Chinese made AK47 rifles, police said?

The police said they had captured a big haul of arms, including 29 AK47s in a raid near the Pakistan border. Three people including a Sikh temple employee were arrested.

PTI said the other victims over the past 24 hours, all apparently Sikhs, were killed in separate incidents around the state.

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